Encouraging and equipping believers to make disciples, one home at a time

Family Ministries

The two most powerful discipleship centers that God has created are the church and the family.  Scripture calls parents to teach their kids the faith daily (Deuteronomy 6).  This is a huge blessing and challenge so we as the church are here to stand by your side.

Two of our 7 Priorities as a church are Strengthening Families and Walking the Legacy Milestones Pathway.  In order to help strengthen families in our community we provide pre-marital counseling, marriage conferences, parenting conferences, and more.  Through our legacy milestones we celebrate your children as they grow in and reach new levels in their faith walk.  We will have several spiritual parenting classes that will help prepare you to guide your kids on their faith walk from birth to high school graduation.  Check out our Legacy Milestones here!   

We pray that you will consider allowing us the blessing of walking alongside your family as you grow in the Lord.  Stay tuned for upcoming conferences and classes.  You could receive these updates through our Facebook page.

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