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6 | Rite of Passage

In the midst of our culture's confusion about manhood and womanhood, we must find answers in the Bible.  We want to help you guide your teenagers on their road toward biblical manhood and womanhood, and celebrate with you as they become young men and women.  

Special Event: Rite of Passage Ceremony

Description: A parent and their child will go through a book discussing biblical manhood and womanhood, followed by this ceremony.  At the ceremony we will gather together the men of the church for teenage boys, and the women of the church for teenage girls, along with your family and friends and celebrate them becoming men and women.  From that day forth they are to be recognized as men and women of the church!  

Target Age: 15-16

Resource: Spiritual Milestones by Jim & Janet Weidmann and J. Otis & Gail Ledbetter