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Questions Jesus Asked

Join us in this series as we take a look at some of Jesus' eye-opening questions.

Redeeming Time

Can time be redeemed? Scripture says it can, and it tells us where we should be spending our time. Find out how Redeem Time in this series.

Kingdom Parables

Find out what the greatest teacher of all time taught about the Kingdom of God and what your role is in that kingdom and His church body.

Life Bridge Messages

Periodically, Life Bridge pastors preach special one-time messages that do not fall under a regular sermon series. Check them out here!

Body Building

This series is a mini-series within the series "The Church in a Messy World."

FearLess: Finding Calm in an Anxious World

Everyone wrestles with fear and anxiety. The good news is that there's real, practical help. Find out how to Fear Less in this short series.

The Church in a Messy World (Pt. 2)

Our culture has many similarities to Corinth's culture. Find out how God is still speaking to our church today through this letter.

The Church in a Messy World (Pt. 1)

Our culture has many similarities to Corinth's culture. Find out how God is still speaking to our church today through this letter.

Life Bridge Guest Speakers

Periodically, Life Bridge invites special guest speakers to fill the pulpit. You won't want to miss these special one-time messages.

Pause For Prayer

Messages from Pause for Prayer Sundays

None Like Him

Scripture says God rewards those who seek Him. No one will ever fully grasp God, but we search scripture to get yet a better glimpse of Him.

Life Together: Created for Community

Ever wonder what you're expected to do here at Life Bridge? In this series, you'll see what it means to participate in biblical community.

Looking Forward

What does God's map for us look like? Join us as we discover where God is leading our church!

Resurrection Realities

Do you think Jesus' resurrection really matters? Find out in this short series as we study the most insightful chapter on this subject.

Rich in Generosity

This short, four-week series will help bring fresh insight into what God has to say about the important area of money in our lives.

A Walk through Philippians

If you need joy – unexplainable, contagious joy - then this series if for you!

Jonah: A Passionate Pursuit of God's Grace

One of the most popular Bible stories is one of the most misunderstood. In this series we see how God's grace extends to more than Nineveh.

Before the Day

What do all the wars, insurgencies and natural disasters we see in our world have to do with our own futures? Find out in this series.

Outrageous Faith: Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

Do you need an infusion of faith in your life? If so, this series is for you.

I AM Jesus: Metaphors of the Messiah

When was the last time you were wowed by Jesus? Join us as we study some of the metaphors that Jesus used to describe himself.

Old Fashioned: Love and Marriage for God's Glory

Should a family look a certain way? Join us as we see what the Bible has to say about marriage and family.

The 5:21 Principle: Making Sense of Submission

Why is submission such a bad word? Join us as we look at Ephesians 5:21 to see how beautiful mutual submission really is.

Untamed: Exploring the Holy Spirit

Just as the wind is untamed, so is the Holy Spirit.

The Invisible War

The reality of spiritual warfare

Politically Incorrect

A biblical approach to today's issues

Our Coming Savior

During this Christmas season, we look in two directions: backward, to our Savior's birth, and forward, to when he will come again.

Songs of Christmas

Have you ever heard about the original songs of Christmas? Join us as we learn about the first Christmas lyrics ever written.

The Light: Who Chased Away Darkness

Does the Bible really teach that Jesus is God? Join us as we look at one of the most powerful statements about Jesus in John 1.

The Story

What is God's story and how do I fit into it?